Spiritual Counseling

Sabinananda offers Spiritual Counseling to those in need of support and healing for the evolution of their individual journey. These sacred sessions often take place in the Presence of The Herd of Light which acts as a powerful energetic field of sentient and unconditional space holding. Sessions take place via live video call or can be offered as absentee healings and readings via email.

Spiritual Counseling with Sabinananda is an intuitive based healing where an intentional energetic field is co-created activating transformation on subtle and profound levels. In Spiritual Counseling sessions, profound realignment often occurs, making room for a person’s highest potentiality to emerge, and for healing on the deepest levels. Each session is intentionally set up as an energy reading and healing space and although conversation is shared, the exchange of dialogue is held in the frame work of being an activated energetic exchange to catalyze healing transformation.

Each Session is on average one hour and is offered for $65,  with follow up sessions available as needed.    Bi-monthly rate of 2 sessions – $110     Monthly rate of 4 sessions – $200

Please contact Sabinananda to schedule.

Spiritual Counseling Session Options