Meet The Herd Of Light


Omar on Integrity of Breath:

“Sharing breath with no giver and no receiver. Simply becoming the breath.

Breath unfettered by thought.
Breath freed from identity.
Becoming the breath.

This is integrity of the breath. This is when breath itself becomes a gift.”


A Message on Compassion, from Yoshi:

“How else could I view the whole but with the eye of compassion? For as my heart has been broken by life, it has not hardened, but has melted into all.”


A Message On Compassion, From Travis:

“The Silence holding all. That is my anchor to compassion.

In the clean, clear silence, free of judgement, free of distortion, simply free….compassion is holding all. If you feel estranged from compassion, tune into Silence and let it fully engulf you. you will find yourself embraced ¬†in the arms of omnipresent compassion.”


A Message on Compassion
From Taz:

“Compassion is vast. If it feels diminishing, it is not Compassion. Compassion is the vastness of dissolving otherness.
Dont be afraid to melt into oneanother. And if you are, feel the apprehension in your body and watch it melt as the light of awareness- its very nature being compassion- melts the fear and turns the separateness
into Infinity.”


A Message On Compassion From Khalil:

“Giving yourself what you need moment to moment is an act of kind compassionate love, and even more important is that once what is needed has been given, receiving must be let in fully. Stretch your faculties of receiving. Learn how to receive to the depths of your soul. You can practice, breath by breath, simply by breathing compassionately. Allow each inhalation to become fuller and deeper. Allow each exhalation to be fuller – a fuller letting go to make more room for the letting in.Allow yourself to become more permeable to the Light you are breathing. This is compassionate breathing.”


A Message on Compassion, from Teddy:

“Allow your heart to grow outside of your body. Beathe it in, feel it enlarge swell, expand outside of your personal sphere. Then breathe into it even more exhaling. Let it burst open, breathing in…expanding, breathing out…bursting open. All the grief, all the love, all the pain, all the peace…do not try to contain it all within you your limited form. Allow it to grow outside of your body circulating With the Wind, being fed by the Sun, dancing, intertwining with the Moon and the Galaxies. Then breathe from this bursted open Supernova Heart whose nature is none other than the nature of the universe – compassion.”