The Animal And Nature Assisted Awakening Membership Group is an offering for all who feel a calling to dive deeper into the Transmissions from the Heart Of Nature Consciousness., leading the way to our individual and collective Awakening.  Members worldwide gather each week via zoom to directly experience these co-created transformative transmissions. The Membership Group is an intentional, amplified Sacred Space, co-created to amplify and support our fullest immersion into the embodied entrainment that all of nature is directly offering.

Since December of 2017, Sabina and the Herd of Light have been sharing Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gatherings each Sunday via Zoom.  These Animal and Anture Guided Gatherings are the nucleus for the membership group. The first Sunday of each month the Gathering is free and open to all, focused on a specific vibrational topic.  Messages from the Heart of Nature Consciousness as well as guided meditations and dialogues are experienced in the presence of the Herd of Light to support the assimilation of the energetic transmissions. The remaining Sunday Gatherings of each month are for members and offer an intentional and amplified field for diving deeper.  Every week, members receive additional messages focused on the monthly vibrational teaching.

A Vast Space is co-created for personal and collective transformation in the Unified Field as One With All of Nature.  Fullest support is offered in opening to our own inner Guidance, and of Being held and supported in the daily embodiment and integration of this Potentiated Alchemy.

A private Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Facebook Membership Group provides the opportunity to further explore through dialogue and questions, through written excerpts of the teachings and through the recordings of each week’s Gatherings.

May you join us in this transformational Sacred Space… co-created for and with one another and with All of Nature, leading us home to One Herd One Heart.

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