Meet Sabinananda

Sabinananda lives a rustic lifestyle in Northern California,  along with five horse cloaked Beings called the Herd of Light,  four feline cloaked beings  and her human cloaked Soulmate, Alani.

It was nine years ago that horses mysteriously entered her life. You can read more of her story of deep surrender in the blog, “There’s Only One Heart.“  Soon upon the herd’s arrival ,Yoshi, the lead mare, made clear her intention of the herd being of service to the awakening of humankind. After years of cultivation, a pathway of melding Horse and Animal Consciousness with the Awakening of Human Conscioisness has emerged as One Herd One Heart.

Sabinananda has studied directly with true Teachers of various Spiritual Paths, including Sufism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Kriya Yoga, Non-Dual Meditation, Reiki and Subtle Energy Healing. During the 8 years she lived in a yoga community, she traveled on Pilgrimage to India which was a true homecoming as she remembered Sanskrit, Bhajans, Kirtans and practiced deep meditation.

Sabinananda is a 3rd degree Reiki Master and learned the technique of subtle energy readings and healings from Pathways Institute in Northern California, in 1998. She has offered energy readings and healings for individuals for over two decades.

In the early 2000s Sabinananda and her partner Alani opened their home on 30 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains, hosting sacred gatherings and satsangs with teachers from various spiritual traditions such as Adyashanti, Neelam and Khabir Helmisnski.  Sabinananda offered spiritual counseling and energy healings in private practice and led personal retreats. Currently she facilitates Meditation Retreats, Spiritual Awakening Immersions, Spiritual Counseling, and Energy Healings.

She hosts weekly worldwide Animal Assisted Awakenimg Gatherings via Zoom, in the Presence of her Herd of Light  and  is also the founder of  the Facebook Group, “Cocreating A New Earth With Our Animal Partners” with over 1300 members.

Sabinananda creates multidimensional Nature Art. Available at her online Etsy store, LotusFireArts.

She loves composing and singing original music and her Music,  “Songs of the Soul Sisters” is the soundtrack for the Equus Film Festival Award nominated film, “Wild Horse Road Trip” and accompanies the “Journey to Gentling”  3 disc DVD series, by Mary Miller Jordan.

Her life is dedicated to the  journey of Self Discovery and is devoted to assisting, holding space for, and supporting others in their sacred journeys of Awakening.

Feel free to contact Sabinananda directly, she would love to hear from you and is Eternally Grateful for your co-creative Presence here as One Herd One Heart.