Free Offering: Introduction to Journey to the Chakras 10 week Immersion

Join Mary Miller Jordan and Sabinananda, this Saturday January 12, for an online Gathering via Zoom for a glimpse of our upcoming Journey to the Chakras -10 week Immersion. This live Gathering will offer a glimpse for those who are wanting to feel into the energy of alchemy that we, along with our unique Herds, are co-creating in the upcoming Charkra Immersion Journey.

Come gather with us this Saturday to feel into what the 10 week Immersion will offer. You may read more about the Immersion which begins Feb 2nd, here:

Pilgrimage with us into the inner terrain of the subtle energy centers, and be nourished by the  vibrations of Light that circulate and exist within. 

This free Online Introductory Gathering will be a powerful direct experience of the inner terrain of the Chakras and offer nourishment and expansion on a the deepest levels of Being. 

SEE you there!


Mary and Sabinananda