Archived Transmissions

Amplification of Light

In the sun drenched vast blue day sky

blazing forth,  suddenly out of nowhere Light upon Light is revealed to the naked eye.

 In the darkest field of vast Nothingness

 blazing forth, suddenly out of nowhere Light upon Light is revealed to the naked mind.


The One Heart is much like the physical heart in that it is a circulatory system –
a vital exchange of Light.

Feeling these words
as frequencies of Light,
through the portal of the One Heart, allows the fullest permeability to the Light transmitted by them.

Know that when a form dissolves,
there is more light,
more light,
more light available.
There is even more light amplified when you SEE light released from the confines of form, dancing freely.
When you think of all the forms that are dissolving here and Now,
as you honor them
with your light of grief,
with your tears of light,
also honor the level of light that has been set free from form.

SEEing this and opening to receive it, amplifies this Light,
as Light upon Light.
An infusion of Light
in the circulatory matrix
of the One Heart. 


We are One flow of Light,
coming and going,
it is all Light dancing.

Shadows are Light frequencies
and inevitably converging
as One
in an Ocean of Light with no boundaries, no divisions between life-and-death,
good and bad,
darkness or light.

Realize with the Light of neutrality,
with the Light of clear seeing, everything as a flow of Light .

And then, as you emit the light of your attention upon the coming and goings, upon the seeming multiplicity of lifes and deaths,
you radiate a light of realized attention which converges with light as it dances, thereby offering the One Heart a potent gift –
the Amplification of Light
which is your True Nature.


What appears
is one level.

And that which is waking up
to that which appears
is another.


As you breathe one simple breath of light… a subtle refined breath that merges with the ether, where all the elements dance as one, you amplify light.

Your attention is light, so to breathe light with attention upon it is an offering of Light upon Light.

That is all that most of Nature does –day in, day out, no in, no out,

amplifying Light, Breath by Holy Breath.


The human collective sees something and nothing as opposites and has strong preferences for something…
and the imbalance is evident everywhere. Most humans are running from a deep seeded unconscious fear of nothingness.

For something to arise out of what appears as nothingness, in and of itSelf reveals
the aliveness of
Awake Awareness
that is the Nothingness.

That which appears as something
is born from what seems to be nothing and dissolves back into this very same nothingness.
But if dissolution and arising take place out of nothing,
then nothing must be an
Alive Awake something too.

Seeing the something in nothing will change everything.


It is not the Light that is the opposite of darkness that we are tuning to and amplifying…
it is the Light that holds both light and dark.